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The day trip to Italy was absolutely amazing. Pat organised everything and all I had to do was show up! She kept us updated prior to the day and ensured we were treated to a first class experience. The camaraderie amongst all of us was second to none. We laughed, chatted, shared, joked and had fun all day. The size of the group was perfect too as it was intimate and comfortable. The trip to the Wine Yard, the Belmond hotel and touring Giardini Naxos was mind blowing. I'm looking forward to going on this trip again as I know I will be in good hands with Pat. Thank you so much for such a memorable day.
Nazlee Mayhew
Thank you for the beautiful trip you led in Sicily, that by far exceeded our expectations, I am still smiling inside and out about our time together. I enjoyed our time together immensely, the many laughs, singing our hearts out while in the bus and the glasses of wine! hope we will be able to get together again in the near future
Dorianne Richard
It was incredible and I’m so happy that I decided to go. Loved meeting all the ladies, sharing our experiences and many laughs not to mention the wonderful colazione (breakfast) at Via Etnea, Aperitivo at Taormina and marvellous scenery. Too little time! but we surely lived it to the fullest possible, also a big thank you goes to our most excellent patient driver, Anna. Her driving skills were surpassed only by her friendliness and good humour. Definitely one to remember and can’t wait to get together again soon. Thank you so much – you are one in a million Pat!
Angele Galea St John
A great trip with a wonderful group of women, even if it was just for a day, getting away from responsibilities and obligations, once you cut the cord it’s amazing how alive you feel. Everyone’s positiveness and humour made our travel throughout Sicily a truly fantastic experience! I would be delighted and looking forward to travel with them again as we all DESERVE A BREAK EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE – Thanks a million Pat.
Marisa Xuereb

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We love to drink wine with boat captains, meet artists and authors at local cafes and bistros, taste Michelin star restaurants, and wake up in farm houses, boutique hotels, chateaux and castles. We enjoy a dive into entrepreneurial and professional development, or spirituality and wellness. We feel excited to explore unique wonderful locations and the parts of ourselves that are free to emerge in a new yet warmly-held environment. And we’d love you to join us! Check our upcoming trips and find one that’s perfect for you.





The Mediterranean Islands are a symbol of creativity, the search for the meaning of life and for wisdom, and of the love of people and nature. This sea has always been an environment that has bred outstanding people who have made remarkable contributions to the development of history in philosophy, art, music, literature, science and technology. Are you ready to tap into the magic?


is much like the understated seductress Calypso, the nymph who lived hidden in a humble Gozitan cave, but could hold the Greek hero Odysseus her captive for seven years through the power of her beauty, seduction and love.


is an independent cosmopolitan lady who is well-established, well-versed and well-travelled. First inhabited in 5900 BC, she has been visited by kings and queens, knights and popes.


is like the wild woman who belongs everywhere and nowhere. Her experience is wide and diverse, and she has assimilated a little of it all to create her own distinct character. Indeed, Sicily is far from ‘Little Italy.’